Three Stages of Shopping Excitement

1. Planning for Shopping:

It was there and it is now too that the moment we think of going out for shopping, we get excited. It doesn’t matter which age group you are into. No matter which location you are in. No matter what you are going to buy. No matter what time you are going to buy. Excitement remains throughout. You plan the day as if this is the day to get rid of daily tiring routine and dress up to make the day special. Lunch or dinner is always on the card. Over all you plan the day with full of happenings and excitement.

2. During Shopping:

In a mood to flaunt whatever you can and to get secret appreciations from others by making them jealous of your beauty, dress, watches, sandals, shoes, sunglasses and even big brands you have shopped. There are many more to increase your excitement level. Started counting? Great!

You must have seen how people love to eat Ram Laddoo at Lajpat Nagar Central Market or any food at any other food joints. People from all the classes have their own destinations to shop, eat and enjoy.

And if you are a school or college going student, your story is totally different and quite interesting too, compared to folks. You do all naughty things which folks used to do when they were young. Elaboration not required I guess.

3. Shopping after You Reach Home:

Have you ever noticed how you react once you reach home after shopping. You are completely tired, exhausted but excited to open the packet and dying to take a second, third, fourth or may be tenth look of the product which you bought and try them whether it’s your cloths, electronic gadgets, home appliances or anything which can be tried. This is the time you actually rate your shopping on few parameters like Prices, Quality, Shop, Shopkeeper and Sales Person and above all you take the best and worst out of all the decisions which you took during shopping and add them into checklist for next shopping.

Did you get chance to notice that you were excited and away from your busy tiring routine throughout your shopping hours and most of the things which you did was not shopping but fun and enjoyment.

Now, how do you relate your shopping excitement and experiences with your online shopping? Can you see the  same three stages in your online shopping excitement.

And if not, what is/are missing? Can you compromise with those missing elements and would go for online shopping? Number of questions are still unanswered. Please share your opinion.